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On the list of vehicle luxuries that we enjoy, there is a strong chance that you would place air conditioning in the top three – right next to heated seats. At Skewen Auto Electrical Services, we understand the importance of having your air conditioning working properly and free of faults. This is why we are committed to providing you with a quick and easy service when it comes to recharging, servicing or fixing issues in relation to your air conditioning system.

There is a long list of things that can go wrong if your system is not checked regularly and to avoid any issues, we recommend that you recharge at least once a year and schedule a service every two years to look for air or moisture build up in the system itself. By doing this regularly, you will keep your system working to the best of its ability and save yourself a massive repair bill down the line.

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Frequently asked questions about Skewen air conditioning service:

When should I look to get an air conditioning service done?

As mentioned above, for optimum performance you should aim to have your system recharged annually (depending on usage) and look to book a service once every two years. Our certified air condition technicians will go through the entire system and not only test for leaks and faults but will also test the efficiency of the system to make sure you are getting the best out of the gas.

What happens if you find a fault during service?

Specific faults, leaks or component failures require technical repairs and are not covered under a standard servicing. We have a dedicated on-site workshop to fix such repairs should we find any and any serious work that needs to done is always talked about with our customers first. This level of consultation is important to us and we will go over exactly what needs to be done so that you are fully aware of the work required and are informed of the charges from the start.

Is this something that needs to be done through my dealer?

Recent regulations state that as a consumer, you should have options available to you when it comes to vehicle serving and repairs to eliminate the monopoly that dealers have held on vehicle owners. This means that you can take advantage of the usually lower costs offered through an independent workshop like ours and receive a five star service every time.

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