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Keeping you and your family safe is of the utmost importance to you and at Skewen Auto Electrical Services, we recognise just how important that is and strive to make a wide variety of reliable and budget friendly tyres available to you from brand names you can trust. This is our passion and we want you to take advantage of this the next time you need tyres or a tyre check-up.

It’s important that you are mindful that in the UK, there are regulations and laws in place that will result in you receiving a fine if your tread is found to be too shallow for the road or deemed unfit for purpose. The legal standard is 1.6mm of tread depth and anything lower than this, is against the law.

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You can do certain things to ensure that you are within the legal limit such as checking your tires for tread depth, signs of wear and unusual lumps or ridges. You can also keep an eye out for fraying along the tread itself and if you can see signs of wire or rubber sticking out, contact one of our staff straight away for helpful information. This level of prevention will keep money in your pocket and keep you out of trouble with the law.

Excessive tread wear can be avoided and here are some commonly over looked things you can watch out for to keep your tyres healthy and running longer.

• Over-Inflation – When tyres are inflated past the suggested PSI, you run the risk of bulging at the sides which will start to develop small cracks and tears along the sides of the tyres. When this happens, over time the sides will eventually split and cause a blow out on the road.

• Under-inflation – This can also cause problems, not only in your vehicle handling, but will also generate rapid wear along the centre of the tread given enough time.

• Faulty brakes or shock absorbers – This can lead to bald spots appearing on your tyres and will accelerate a tyres natural life span.

As a business, we have been the number 1 choice for tyres and accessories for a long time now and we take pride in knowing that we have been able to keep our customers safe and driving properly since 1968 and we are still going strong.

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